Easy to use

  Immediately start using Google to search for work and learning materials, anytime, anywhere on Facebook, Twitter, In addition there are more to be you to explore and look forward to your joining.

Order service

Full support

OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, OpenWRT

Customer service

Our customer service can help you set up the client so that you do not have to worry about setting up

Save you money

Provide flexible tariffs to meet the different needs, for you to save every penny

Full platform network acceleration service

No need to install software or expertise, boot, no need to manually open the connection


RC4-MD5 encryption, safe and reliable

Simple configuration

Just set it up for a few minutes to get started

Billing is flexible

Free choice of payment cycle, support annual payment / two years pay / three years pay

Full support

MAC OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android

Reliable service

Never overbought, high-quality high-speed lines, farewell high delay

Automatic opening

After the payment system automatically opened, 7 * 24 hours at any time to buy

Multiple device login

The maximum allow 5 clients at the same time landing, the wall without waiting

Full network support

As long as your device access to the Internet, immediately out of the wall, smooth without any help


¥99 /Year

  • Fast connection to full platform support 50G monthly traffic
  • At the same time up to 1 client at the same time online
  • Singapore / US / Hong Kong / Tokyo / South Korea Multi-node support for high bandwidth and low latency


¥199 /Year

  • Fast connection Full platform supports unlimited traffic
  • At the same time up to three clients at the same time online
  • Hong Kong / Singapore / Taiwan / Tokyo / US / Korea and other nodes


¥50 /Month

  • CN2 high-speed line full platform support 20G monthly traffic (free upgrade to 25G)
  • At the same time up to 5 clients at the same time online
  • At the same time up to 5 clients at the same time online

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